Tuesday March 6, 2018 – Earthtone Showcase: Eddy Green & Special Guests

I am so STOKED to have Mister Edward Green in the studio this Sunday and as our Featured Artist at The Levee on Tuesday night.  There are a ton of reasons why you really don’t want to miss this event… but let me start with Genius.  First of all, not to sound pretentious, because I believe EVERYONE has genius in them, but not everyone has found their passion.  Not like this guy. He’s crazy and quirky … and bold enough to immerse himself in his work… one time he even inserted himself in the prison system to experience first hand, the obstacles facing his work.

Eddy is a PhD, Sociologist at Roosevelt University in the Criminal Justice department with a heart of gold, and musical talent that is out of this world.  He has recorded a few albums with Chet, and I can’t wait to see The View From The Control Room on Sunday night!!! 

Some of Eddy’s other “work” has left many of us jealous…once receiving a grant to learn how to make moonshine, and spent some time in the hills with the folks doing just that.  Originally hailing from Kentucky … we’re so excited to have Eddy on stage with us Tuesday Night at The Levee. Word has it, we’re gonna have some special guests.  Do I dare say there might be a “Betweeners” gathering??  Sure hope so!

Eddy takes the stage at 7:30 sharp.  He doesn’t roll down from Chicago that often, Louisville is in for a special treat!

Door prize give away at 8PM ish … $50 Gift card to The Levee.

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