Tuesday March 27th 2018 – Crosley Showcase: Warren Ray

Tuesday March 27th Crosley Showcase is featuring Warren Ray and Copper & Kings Specialty Drink: Tangerine Durango!!!  This is another one of those Tuesdays that you JUST DON’T WANT TO MISS!!!  Warren has been playing music most of his life, some might remember his Anti-Folk Open Mic Night from Molly Malone’s back in the day. Lately he’s been doing mostly acoustic stuff so It will be interesting to hear what new sound comes out of Warren and The Boxwine Prophets.

Warren just finished up an album at Earthtone, it was a crazy idea, but it sounds great… and I can’t wait for you to hear it!  When Warren isn’t writing, playing or recording music…he is most likely in front of a camera … and not the selfie kind either (he does that too).  I’m talking about the bloody, horror film kind of capture … You can check out Volumes of Blood if you want to see him glisten in red.

It’s only Thursday night, but I can’t wait for Sunday Nights View from the Control Room.  Warren will be practicing with the guys and preparing to record his original Tune, “Tangerine Durango” live with The Boxwine Prophets on Monday. This song is so good, Copper & Kings is even making a Specialty Drink around it: Tangerine Durango.

Come early and come thirsty.  I’m stoked to have Crosley, Copper & Kings and Earthtone Studios all part of our Tuesday Night events at The Levee.

Warren takes the stage at 7:30 PM for a set, and later will be joined on stage by The Boxwine Prophets to do a few songs and then wrap up the night.

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