This week’s Showcase postponed

Hey, folks, greetings from Earthtone headquarters…hope this week finds ya dry and hopefully able to stay in your own home…our sentiments to anyone displaced by the monsoon conditions of the last few weeks…along those lines, The Levee will be closed this Tuesday, so our featured artist Alanna Fugate will be rescheduled for a later showcase…hopefully everything will be back to normal next week…next week’s featured songwriter will be our old buddy Eddy Green, who’s gonna be Megabussing it on down to Louisville from Chicago to record a new tune for the next Soapbox record and play a set with the Boxwine Prophets…we might even have some other special guests to play a set with ‘ol Ed…so mark your calendars and plan on coming down and showing Eddy some love…stay well, dry and we’ll see ya next week…

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