Sunday Night Sessions – View From the Control Room: Brian Marks

Sunday’s are always my favorite.  No schedules. Coffee.  Breakfast. Chet writes up the grocery list.

Tonight Brian Marks came over to practice with The Boxwine Prophets for the Tuesday Night Crosley Music Showcase.  The way the timing has all worked out is kind of serendipitous, as this is the last Tuesday of this series (new format starting May 8th) and we are finishing with a Music Tech Connect musician, an Applications Architect who has played music his entire life.  Here’s a recent clip from an impromptu moment at The Levee.

When I asked Brian about his favorite food, he said he was pretty simple and spaghetti was cool. Brian’s a pretty special friend, so we couldn’t make just a PLAIN spaghetti.  Sometimes (very rarely) I miss The Green Door, but am thankful that I get to cook for my music family. Tender pot roast shredded into garden vegetable arrabiatta sauce.

Brian grew up in my hometown and graduated in 1992, one year before me from Corydon Central High School.  Everyone always talked about how “Brian just exists on another plane.” I never really got to know him back then but he started playing music with Uncle Root and visiting the studio on a regular basis over the last few years.  One night at the studio, I was able to witness that “other plane” as he sat down in front of our grand piano…

Brian is a Genius Loves Company favorite, for sure.  Really looking forward to his set Tuesday Night at The Levee for the Crosley Music Showcase.

Looking forward to the Music Tech / Boxwine Mash-UP.

Brian takes the stage at 7:30 Sharp!


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