Sunday Night Sessions – View From The Control Room: Alanna Fugate

Well folks, it’s been a busy, long week for the Earthtone Family … but tonight is TACO night in Alanna’s honor. If you know Alanna well, you’re familiar with her LOVE of tacos.  We fixed up some spicy tortilla soup, guacamole, ground beef and shredded chicken for the family dinner.

The whole crew showed up today around 2PM to fit in a practice before dinner and then start our Sunday Sessions at 7PM.  It’s been a full week of gigs for most of these guys here, and we’re all feelin’ a little road weary … Tacos made us all feel better.

I’m always interested in hearing the different colors that come out of The Boxwine Prophets with every new artist in the studio.  Alanna has been singing and playing guitar around Kentuckiana for MANY years, holding open mic nights around town, and recently best known for her superior LOVE for the local music scene.  She also holds court bartending and managing Goodwood Brewing company with our favorite partner in crime, Kylie.


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