A Monday Night Session, View from the control room: Tim Delonjay

You know it’s going to be a great session, when you pull up in the driveway and see this.

Calendars were a little funky this week, so we got together with Tim Delonjay on Monday night to run songs for the Crosley Music Showcase Tuesday night. I love hanging out with these guys every week and seeing the different tones and colors that come out of the studio with each new artist.

Practice always starts off with a few drinks and laughter.  Mike Hood had us rollin’ with his monologue about “squeezing the charmin.”  The more I get to know that guy, the funnier he gets.

Daylight was burning, so Tim got started on his first song, Mexico on a Wednesday. Wow. SUCH a great song … for some reason it reminds me the way I used to feel when I heard “Jolene”.  Then we worked on Knights of Columbus:

I’ll tell you, Tim’s voice is so deep, familiar, old school country. If you like Sturgill Simpson, you’d love Tim.  He is a great song writer, one can easily fall inside those lyrics. You can check out his Reverbnation and listen to his acoustic versions of these songs. Can’t wait for you to hear Tim with The Boxwine Prophets.







Tim Delonjay my friends … a historic man driving a classic car, with tripple 777’s on his licence plate.

It doesn’t get any better than this!  See you Tuesday at The Levee!!

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